Saturday, May 9, 2009


Postmodernism appeared at the end of 1950/beginnig of 1960. The end of ideology, art or social class, the 'crisis' of Leninism, social democracy, and the welfare state, all of these together constitute what is called postmodernism. The case of its existence depends on radical break or coupure. Modifications appered most dramatically in architecture. Postmodernism inaugurates the arrival of a new society designated consumer society, media society, information society, electronic society or 'high tech'. Postmoderism is rather a culture more than a style. The American Postmodern society is the internal and superstuctural expression of a new wave of American military and economic domination throughout the world. The underside of culture is blood, torture, death and horror. The Foucault of the prison book is the obvious example that reflects domination. The terrorist win by constructing a closed terrifying machine. Postmodernism means the ned of the style in the sense of the unique and the personal. According to emotions, postmodernism is not the liberation from anxiety, but from any other kind of feeling. If the ideas of a ruling class were dominant, the advanced capitalist countries today are imposing their speech. According to a postmodern view of things, children singing during a singing lesson in school seem to be prisoners compelled to sing; the seem to be set apart from the rest of the wold. Computers and television are machines of reproduction rather than of production. In one word, the technology of contemporary society is fascinating because it controls our minds and our imagination. Although technology is fascinating, to what extent people can live without it nowadays?

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